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The function of the General Assembly under ARTICLE 8.4 shall be to:
1. Consider and approve the rules of procedure for the General Assembly prepared by the Board of Management.
2. Consider and approve the report of the Board of Management on work done since the last meeting of the General Assembly.
3. Consider and approve the audited accounts of the funds of the Council since the last meeting of the General Assembly.
4. Ratify staff appointments, if any, made by the Board of Management since the last meeting of the General Assembly.
5. Decide on the general policies of the Council for the coming term.
6. Decide on the budget of the Council for the coming term.
7. Elect officers and members of the Board of Management.


1. Authority
The Regional Committee is set up under Articles 11.1 and 12.1 of the Constitution and is responsible to the Board of Management of the Council through its Chairman or in whose absence, the Honorary Secretary.

2. Functions
Generally, the role of the Regional Committee is to coordinate work, share resources and channel support amongst the Churches. Specifically, the functions of the regional Committee are as follows:-
(a) to gather, monitor and disseminate news and information of major church programme and activities through exchange of newsletter or reports.
(b) to promote and strengthen understanding, fellowship and co-operation among Churches and their members through exchange of pulpit, programmes, invitations, retreats, training, etc.
(c) to plan, implement and coordinate joint or common programmes and activities aimed at popular participation and common benefit.
(d) To inform and liaise with the Council of Churches of Malaysia on major issues and problems affecting the Church and country.

3. Structure
3.1 The regional Committee consists of a pastor/clergy and at least one(1) lay representative from each local Church.

3.2 The regional Committee shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and six(6) other members, who should fairly represent the spread of denominations and balance between laity, clergy and language groups.

3.3 The Regional Committee shall appoint the following and other working sub-committees, each with a chairman and a secretary and a number of coopted members:
(a) Evangelism and Witness
(b) Youth and leadership
(c) Social Concerns and Participation
(d) Christian Art and Music

3.4 The regional committee shall hold its Annual General Meting once a year by giving at least fourteen (14) days notice. Not less than one-half of its members present shall constitute a quorum

The Executive Committee of the regional Committee has a term of office of one (1) year and shall meet not less than once in two months.

4. Duties of Office-bearers
4.1 Chairman. He shall preside at all Regional Committee meetings and shall perform such duties as may from time to timebe assigned to him by the Board of Management. He shall have the casting vote and shall sign the minutes of each meeting at the time they are approved. The same shall not hold office for more than two(2) consecutive terms.

4.2 Honorary Secretary. He shall conduct the business of the Regional Committee in accordance with its rules, and carry out the instructions of the regional Committee. He shall be responsible for conducting all correspondence, keeping all books and papers except the accounts and financial records. He shall attend all meetings and record the proceedings.

4.3 Honorary Treasurer. He shall be responsible for the finances of the Regional Committee. He shall keep account of all its financial transactions and shall be responsible for their correctness.

4.4 Committee Members. They shall assist in the work of the Executive Committee.

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